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What is "Footsteps Illusion" ?

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    (Ref.) S. Anstis, Perception, 30, 785-794, (2001).
    (Ref.) http://anstislab.ucsd.edu/2012/11/19/footsteps/

List of "Footstep Illusion Art" works

    Please click on the title to watch the movie (youtube).
    # All music are presented by Yoko Sugihara.
    * "Rotation Generated by Translation" ("Drive", "Eddy Current" and "Pinwheels") won the First Prize in Best Illusion of the Year Contest 2013.
    * "Pigeon-Neck Illusion" ("Tags", "UFO" and "Desing of Clock") was selected as 2014 Top 10 finalist in Best Illusion of the Year Contest 2014.

Practical Applications of footstep illusion art

|| Design of Clocks (Simulation Clock::Computer Graphics)

|| Design of Clocks (Real Clock)

|| Design of Calenders (Real Object)

|| Design of Signboard (Real Object)

** Japanese patent application No. 2012-173418 and No. 2013-110085.

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